Sites of the Day: Stretch Your Dollar, Find Recalled Toys and More

If you've already got your DTV conversion box, you may find you still need an antenna for clear reception. ANTENNAWEB.ORG has a checklist to determine what kind, if any, you need for the switch, scheduled for February 17.

Take the pain out of helping your kids choose a college with UNIGO.COM. The website is a collection of reviews, photos and videos by students at colleges across the country who give your kids the inside scoop on what life is like at hundreds of universities.

Are you paid fairly at work? To find out, head to SALARY.COM, which lets you compare your take-home pay to that of others in your line of work.

Need to speak with a living, breathing person for technical assistance? GETHUMAN.COM has the direct customer service numbers for more than a hundred businesses, ranging from Avis to Time Warner Cable.

Find out whether your child's toys have been recalled with the Toy and Product Recall Finder at PARENTS.COM. The website lets you search for a specific toy or choose from a category of products.

Filing your taxes online once cost you if your household earned more than $56,000. Now, everyone can take advantage of quick filing and quicker returns. To learn more, head to IRS.GOV.

Want to save tens of thousands of dollars? Head to NYDAILYNEWS.COM and read 'How You Can Save $20,000 In One Year.' The online piece has a list of 40 steps to stretch your dollar during the down economy.

KALLOW.COM will research and compare prices on your favorite electronics for you. And if you're just too busy to shop, the site sets up email notifications for when products are in your price range.

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