Super Bowl Losers Are 'Winners' In El Salvador

Whichever team loses in tomorrow's game will be winners in at least one part of the world: El Salvador.

That's where the items that say "Super Bowl Champions" intended for the players and staff of the team that eventually loses the game, will go, according to Karen Kartes, a spokesperson for World Vision, the Christian humanitarian group that has collected the charitable donation for the league for the past 17 years.

Unlike the other three major sports, which feature finales of at least four games, the Super Bowl is a single game.

That creates a unique challenge for clothing licensees who have to print tens of thousands of shirts for either team before the game.

The Business of the Super Bowl
The Business of the Super Bowl

If a team is down three games to none in the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals or the World Series, very few champion shirts will ever be printed unless that team pushes it to a Game Seven.

Last year, about $2 million worth of the Patriots "Perfect Season" items were shipped around the world, particularly to Nicaragua.

All the T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and for the first time ever, trophy towels that boast the wrong champion will be sent to World Vision's headquarters near Pittsburgh. It is then sorted and delivered around the world to people who don't even know what football is, but are happy enough to get the first pieces of new clothing they have ever worn.

Super Bowl clothing with the wrong champion on it has been brought to the following 25 countries over the years:

Albania, Armenia, Bolivia, Bosnia, Burundi, Chad, Chile, Costa Rica, Congo, El Salvador, Ghana, Honduras, Lebanon, Mali, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Niger, Romania, Romania, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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