Cramer's Outrage: Attorney General Eric Holder

New Attorney General Eric Holder wasted no time in upsetting Cramer. Despite the Mad Money host's call for Wall Street heads to roll, Holder announced, "We're not going to go out on any witch hunts."

A free pass for the very people who are responsible for the mess we're in? That could give rise to a dozen more Bernie Madoffs, Cramer said. If we want to restore faith in the markets, then the everyday investor needs to know that the game's not rigged. The only way to do that is by making sure guys like former Lehman Brothers boss Richard Fuld and John Thain, who ran both Merrill Lynch and NYSE Euronext , are held accountable. They can't run off with billions while regular people lose their life savings.

Of course, Cramer said all of this with his characteristic, well, enthusiasm. Watch the video for his full rant.

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