Sites of the Day: Free Wi-Fi, DIY Household Tips and More

If you're looking for businesses that offer free wi-fi, check out WIFIFREESPOT.COM. The site has a list of companies, both national and regional, that won't charge for you to get online.

Want to cut back on your household expenses? THISOLDHOUSE.COM has a list of 50 DIY tips for your house, each of which can save you between $50 and $500 apiece.

Does your high schooler need help choosing a college? STATEUNIVERSITY.COM is a free site that gives you the inside scoop on financial aid, academics, athletics and more for colleges across the country.

Increase your networking power with the peoplefinder search engine SPOKEO.COM. The website helps you find people across a wide variety of social networking sites, from Linked In to Facebook.

Find the best deals on hotels at DEALBASE.COM. The website organizes deals by hotel, price tag and destination, and breaks down each deal so you know exactly how much you're saving.

Trade your used books, music, DVD's, & video games for like items at SWAPTREE.COM. Simply set up an account and find other users willing to receive - and all for the price of postage.

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