Pros: Gold to Jump to $1,200 as Bailouts Mount

As central banks around the world race to cut interest rates to historic lows and try to stimulate growth through domestic spending, the risk of future inflation grows larger.

One analyst told CNBC that the price of gold could spike to more than $1,000 per ounce in the coming months.

Gold Likely to Spike

Gold prices could springboard to $1,100 or $1,200 per ounce over the next couple of months, Peter McGuire, managing director at Commodity Warrants Australia, told CNBC.

Buy Stocks for the Long Term

Craig Irvine, co-head of regional research at Daiwa Institute of Research, says investors who take a long-term view are in position to pick beaten-down stocks that will emerge winners when the economy recovers.

Going Green Will Bring Returns

It is important that companies continue to try and reduce their carbon footprint during these times, says Jonathan Shopley, MD at The CarbonNeutral Company. He tells CNBC how this expense may help boost bottom lines.

China to Lead Recovery

China will lead the world out of recovery through its self-regeneration projects, says Peter Morgan, private client advisor at Tolhurst Noall.