The High Cost Of Being A Fan: Ticket Prices Rise


Over the past couple days, we've seen a lot of ticket price announcements from NFL teams to college football teams to NBA franchises. So what have teams done? Here's a list of recent ticket announcements.


Titans: The team will raise ticket prices for the 8th time in 10 years. The increase will be small -- $2 to $3 per ticket.

Eagles: Most seats will go up by $5 per game, while lower-level endzone seats will be raised by $10 per game. The Eagles said they were one of only six teams not to increase ticket prices last season.

Ravens: Season ticket holders will see the price of their seats increase by $5 to $15 per ticket. This is the first raise for the team since the 2006 season.

Jets: Team won't raise prices next season. Will mark the first time the team didn't raise prices in eight seasons.

Bears: The team is freezing current prices, which are $245 to $350 per game for club seats and $68 to $108 per game for non-club.

Texans: The team will raise prices from $1 to $7 per seat. The Texans average per game ticket price for next season will be $67.37, still about $5 less than the league average.

Buccaneers: General season ticket prices, ranging from $42 to $99 per game, will stay the same as the '08 season.

Broncos: The Broncos will keep the prices the same as they were last season. Lower bowl sidelines are the most expensive at $110, while upper bowl endzones are the least expensive at $42.

Redskins: The team, which has sold out every game since 1966, says it will not raise general admission prices ($29 to $99) for the third straight year.

College Football

Texas: The Longhorns are raising ticket prices. A season ticket is down $10 from last season to $375 from $385, but the team has one fewer home game, which means each game costs $62.50 versus $55 last year. An individual ticket to the Texas-Texas Tech game will cost $95 each.

Ohio State: The largest athletic department in the nation is now facing a deficit, so they're raising per game prices by $1.

Texas Tech: Most base ticket prices will go up 10 percent. A good seat on the 40-yard line will go up roughly 50 percent.

Colorado: Prices for season ticket holders in the best seats will go up from $50 to $58 per game. Prices will remain the same for the rest of the seats, which accounts for 66 percent of the stadium.

Wisconsin: It's anticipated that the Badgers won't raise their $39 per game price for season ticket holders.

Arizona State: Ticket prices are going up for 83 percent of Sun Devil Stadium, but the school has promised there will be no increases for 2010.

UCLA: Last year, fans could buy a season ticket for $388. This year, it will be $369 for six games, meaning prices are going up by about $6 a game. Reserved single game tickets will go up $1.


Celtics: Loge and balcony season tickets will not be raised next year. The team is also introducing an interest-free payment plan option.

Spurs: Current season ticket holders won't see an increase for next year's tickets and won't have to pay for playoff tickets until each round is completed.

Blazers: Next year, ticket prices will increase by 6.7 percent on average. The bigger increases will apply to the lower bowl seats.

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