Looking For Phelps' Photographer

Michael Phelps inhales from a bong
Source: News of the World
Michael Phelps inhales from a bong

It has been a while and we still don't have the name of the person who photographed and sold (if it was even the same person) the picture of Michael Phelps to British tabloid "News of the World."

The State in South Carolina just published a story about that night in November when the Olympic champion visited the University of South Carolina campus.

In search of the person who took the photo, the reporters followed an Internet message board tip to USC student Cason Milner, who first denied he took a picture and then told the paper he lost his iPhone with the picture on it. Still, you gotta think that photo gets e-mailed around, don't you?

We're obviously not sure if it's Milner, who is a sophomore defenseman on the school's recreational lacrosse team. He's also, according to Sigma Alpha Epsilon's Web site on the co-chairman of their Rush Committee. All we can say is that we e-mailed him at three different e-mail addresses and didn't get anything back.

So we're putting out an All Points Bulletin to try to find this photographer, who might be entirely different than the person who sold the photo. After all, the last time we did something like this, we actually found Chris Vennum.

So if you were at the party last November and know who it was, let us know. We'll keep your name out of it. Just make sure you somehow give us enough evidence that we can actually go with it.

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