Pros: Stimulus May Be 'Beginning of the End'

Investors are eager to see the details of a stimulus package to help the US economy on which the Senate will vote Tuesday. Some experts tell CNBC it will signal the beginning of the end of the economic crisis, but others say it will not bring immediate relief.

Betting on US Stimulus

The market is hoping the announcement of the US stimulus package will be the "beginning of the end" of the last 12 months, says Joshua Williamson, senior strategist, currency & fixed Income Research TD Securities, speaking to CNBC.

Obama Plan Won't Help Immediately

Obama's job creation plan and projects are slow-acting and will not bring immediate results, says Robert Heller, former governor of the US Federal Reserve board.

Bailout Won’t Boost Market

"Justgiving money to banks to recapitalize isn’t going to get positive market response," Mark Daniell from Cuscaden Group said. Christian Blaabjerg from Saxo Bank joined the discussion stating that he believes there will be a short-term market rally before turning down again.

Impact of Global Bailout Plans

Discussing the implications of the massive government bailout plans in the US and Australia, with Tony Morriss, senior market strategist at ANZ Bank.

What the Stimulus Plan Needs

Obama'snew package needs to be targeted & efficient, says Robert Heller, former governor of the US Federal Reserve board. He discusses what the emphasis should be on, with guest host Andrew Freris, BNP Paribas Wealth Mgmt.