A-Rod's Big Swing At GNC

Alex Rodriguez isn't sponsored by the nutritional supplement store, but GNC made its way into his interview three times in his interview with ESPN's Peter Gammons yesterday.

Here are his GNC-related comments from the transcript.

"I mean, there's things that have been removed from GNC today that would trigger a positive test."

"You know, back then you could walk in GNC and get four or five different products that today would probably trigger a positive test."

"It was just -- you have to understand the time, and to take you back there, again, people were taking a number of different things, from GNC to what, whatever."

Not only that, but GNC gets a back page mention on the Daily News, referring to an article about how A-Rod doesn't understand that what he reportedly tested positive for isn't on the shelves next to the whey protein cannisters.

Source: Daily News

We searched Google and found that yesterday's mentions of GNC by A-Rod generated 19,200 new hits for the company. So we'll let you determine whether this was good, bad or didn't matter to GNC.

UPDATE: The GNC exposure from the A-Rod mentions is worth in between $400,000 and $500,000 to the company, said Eric Wright of Joyce Julius, a sponsorship evaluation firm. Wright anticipates that value to increase throughout the week.

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