Cramer Finds Good in Geithner Plan

I told you so.

That was Cramer’s message to viewers on Tuesday. He knew Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner wouldn’t deliver on a financial-rescue plan. And what happened? Geithner gave his much-anticipated speech, and then the Dow lost 382 points.

But hey, in the very least Geithner gave investors a chance to by Cramer’s favorite China-related plays and recession-resistant stocks at a discount. And the accidentally high yielders, too.

Rather than jump on the anti-Geithner bandwagon, though, Cramer instead decided to find the good points in today’s statement, if only to show the potential they have should they be developed more. From private-sector financing to the “stress test” idea, Cramer picked the plan apart to show what Geithner got right, and how to make it better.

Watch the video for Cramer’s full review.

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