POLL: The Stimulus & Your Portfolio?

Tuesday was a big day for your money. The Senate passed an $838 billion version of President Obama's stimulus bill, where it now waits to be reconciled with the House's $819 billion bill. At the same hour, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner laid out the framework for a new bank bailout that clearly didn't impress the markets. The Dow ended the day down 382 points.

Of course, it's not news to us that the economy continues to grind to a halt - and that whatever does end up coming out of Washington in the form of stimulus for both consumers and banks will not be a panacea for this crisis.

On tonight's show, Carmen and our experts will be discussing and debating the merits of the stimulus and bank bailout and why we're going to have to meet the government halfway by having a plan for our money.

In the meantime, we want to know what you think. Vote in the poll below.