S&P 500 Earnings Leaderboard: Biggest Surprises Season to Date

As of yesterday afternoon, 338 companies or nearly 70% of the S&P 500 have reported earnings.

Here's how things stand:

  • Companies Exceeding Estimates: 56%
  • Companies Matching Estimates: 8%
  • Companies Falling Below Estimates: 36%

Compared to two weeks ago when only 20% had reported, the breakdown has shifted with a larger increase in companies beating vs. missing estimates. On a percentage basis, steel players US Steel and Nucor lead the list of upside surprises. In absolute dollars, energy and tech rule. Chevron's $549 million surprise passes Pfizer's $405 million surprise followed by Marathon Oil's $381 million and Apple's $347 million surprise. IBM is next in line with a $336 surprise.

Earnings Leaderboard - Best Performers (as of 2/10)

EPS Est.
US Steel X Materials 1/27/2009 0.75 2.00 167%
Nucor NUE Materials 1/27/2009 0.13 0.34 162%
Stanley Works SWK Cons Disc 1/28/2009 0.34 0.66 94%
Texas Instruments TXN Tech 1/26/2009 0.12 0.21 75%
Janus Capital JNS Financials 1/22/2009 0.03 0.05 67%
Thomson Reuters

On the downside, Financials continue to take all 5 of the 5 worst surprises. Fifth Third leads the losers, reporting the biggest miss in that sector, off by a whopping 38,000%. In absolute dollars, Citigroup leads with its $6.3 billion negative surprise followed by Regions Financial's $6.2 billion and Wells Fargo's $4.7 billion downside surprises.

Source:Thomson Reuters

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