Winner Revealed: Swimsuit Cover Model Bar Refaeli Caption Contest

Thank you to everyone who submitted their best caption to our photo yesterday.

We received more than 300 entries from all over the world, including captions from Guatemala, Australia and South Africa. Many included diamond rings, proposals, the size of my stimulus and my 401K, but the winning entry stood out on its own.

Here's the photo again, with the winning entry under it.

Send in your best caption for this photo to , along with your name and where you are from.
Photo: Oliver Quillia
Send in your best caption for this photo to , along with your name and where you are from.

Bar: "I think my contact just fell out."
Darren: "I have it here...just writing my phone number on it."

Congratulations to Anthony in New Hampshire for submitting the winning entry.

Below you'll find the best of the rest:

Bar: "Dude, I am not playing find the quarter with you."
-- Scott Martin Johnson, Phoenix, Ariz.

Darren: "I'm no dentist, but looks like a molar. Then again, could be a bicuspid."
-- Jeffrey P. Siegel, Irvington, NY

Darren: "You are feeling sleepy....very are now in love with me."
-- Jim, Milford, Ct.

Darren: "No, there really IS a nano bikini on my fingertip. You can see it RIGHT there! I think you should try it on."
-- Allen, Roanoke, Va.

Darren: "Yeah, see here? It's obviously a fake. You said Leo gave this to you?"
-- David Birnbaum, Northport, NY

Bar: "Really cool high school debate team championship ring, Darren."
-- August, NY

Darren: "In our religion Bar, you CAN have two wives. It says so right here in the Torah."
Bar: "Where?"

Darren: "Somewhere in the back...or the front. Whatever."
-- Jon Greenberg, Northbrook, IL

Darren Rovell (right) struggles to keep his eyes facing forward at whatever SI cover model Bar Refaeli is describing to him. Mr. Rovell was later treated with supplemental oxygen backstage and is reported to have recovered.
-- Dr. Warren Theis, Waycross, Ga.

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