Investment Question? Send It In ...

Got an investment question? Have we got an opportunity for you.

Tomorrow the Power Lunch gang is putting on a special Town Hall from CNBC Global Headquarters beginning at noon (ET, of course).

Power Lunch anchors Bill Griffeth, Sue Herera, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and Dennis Kneale are joined by top investment strategists Doug Hirschorn, CEO of Edge Consulting, David P. Kelly, chief market strategist for JP Morgan and Robert Rodriguez, CEO of First Pacific Advisors. Also joining the discussion will be our own Jim Cramer of Mad Money, Jeff Macke of Fast Money, Donnie Deutsch and our All-Star team of market reporters.

They'll talk about where they're putting their money — the hot sectors, the hot stocks, and some places you might not be thinking about. See what some of our guests have to say right now about the markets.

Now here's a Web groovy part ... after the first hour, the town hall will go off the television and onto the Web. Yours truly will continue marshalling questions from the audience and from your emails to the experts.

So if you have a question, send it in ... we'll try to get as many of them answered as we can.