Market Tips: Buy Gold Every Month

Global stocks were down again Thursday as investors floated back into safe havens on concerns of a drawn-out economic recovery. Experts interviewed on CNBC are still fans of gold, especially after the precious metal hit a 6-1/2 month high.

Buy Gold Monthly

Buy gold each month for the next coming year, says John DiPlacido, oil trader and president of Energex.

Go for Gold

Martin Hennecke from Tyche sees gold heading above $1,000 an ounce.

"There will be a lot more demand for gold as an inflation hedge, as a crisis hedge, and we think there's absolutely tremendous upside, especially before the end of this year. We will see major moves happening," he said.

Investors Should Avoid FTSE 100, Buy Gold

"The main trend of the FTSE 100 is down for a year now and investors should avoid this market," suggested Edward Loef from Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers. He takes an in depth look at technical charts for the FTSE100 and Comex Gold.

Now is the Time for 'Funds of Funds'

"The timing is good for funds of funds. They are diversified vehicles that reduce the risk for investors," Wladimir Mollof of ACG Private Equity said. He breaks down the positives and negatives of 'funds of funds' and how they have reacted to recent news.

Upbeat on 2009's Investment Outlook

Douglas Isles, head of Pengana Capital thinks there is going to be an increasing number of investment opportunities as 2009 progresses. He also reveals his sectors picks in Asia.

Comparing A-Shares vs H-Shares

The Shanghai A-Share index is much stronger than Hong Kong's H-Share index, according to the charts of Daryl Guppy, CEO of He also charts the Shanghai Composite.

HSI May Retreat to 13,000

The Hang Seng index may retreat back to the 13,000 level, forecasts Francis Lun, general manager of Fulbright Securities. He tells CNBC what is weighing on the Hong Kong market.

More Weakness for the Won?

There is a compelling case for authorities to let the Korean won weaken further, says Magnus Prim, chief strategist for Asia, trading strategy at SEB Merchant Banking, following the BoK's move to bring rates to a record low of 2%. Daryl Guppy, CEO of charts the won.

Asian Airlines Bracing for a Tough 2009

This year is going to stay challenging for Asia Pacific carriers, warns Andrew Herdman, director general of Association of Asia Pacific Airlines. He outlines the headwinds facing the aviation sector.