Love & Money: In Tough Times, Redefining Traditional Gender Roles

On Wednesday's show, Carmen told us the shocking statistic that over 80% of the jobs lost are being shouldered by men.

Is it a role reversal or a chance to redefine roles?

I think back to just a few short decades ago and how women's roles have changed. Just over a half century now, it was absolutely and socially unacceptable for a woman to work outside the home. The guilt and shame was placed on the husband or "provider" that he couldn't afford to keep his wife at home.

Fast forward to today when we all need to redefine our roles and what's acceptable or not.

What I'd like to convey to all men out there is, first and foremost, that you and your spouse are a team. All rules are being shattered and men can finally, (I hope at least) declare their worth as more than just a breadwinner.

If a woman can run for president, why can't it be OK for her to temporarily assist the many


men that have been hurt by this crisis with their cashflow and assets?

Men, I want you to break these old, antiquated titles for what you are. You are a valuable and whole individual (plus, likely a terrific dad, spouse, friend and more) independent of your net worth.

Many things are fleeting and these tough times, too, shall pass. Just keep your identity and worth in check - independent of your paycheck.

Kelley Keehn is a financial expert and best-selling author of six books. She is also a contributor to On The Money. You can reach her at