Stocks For the Stimulus: NatGas & Military

Alan Valdes of Hilliard Lyons is encouraged by what he heard President Obama say on Friday, and he has some stock plays likely to pay off in the wave of economic stimulus.

"It was a little calmer than the rhetoric that we've heard in the last few weeks," Valdes told CNBC. "That was reassuring to Wall Street."

So, reassured, what should an investor buy?


His first pick is White Electronic Designs.

"In October 2006, Congress passed a law for semiconductor parts, for anti-tampering, for the military," he explained. "This company produces them."

He also likes Northwest Natural Gas.

"If ever there was a company ready for the stimulus, it's Northwest Natural Gas," he said. "They're the biggest independent natural-gas utility."

He referred to a company project to build a 110-mile, $300 million pipeline, a project he calls "shovel-ready."


Disclosure information for Alan Valdes was not immediately available.