A 'Good, Old-Fashioned' Tech Stock Pick

Making money in stocks is difficult these days — but not impossible, according to Ron Sloan of the AIM Charter Fund.

"We're in trendless markets," he told CNBC. "Find a good, old-fashioned stock selection; do your homework; there's plenty of value out there, but it's all about selection."

Sloan takes issue with those who say valuation is the name of the game.

"It's earnings," he said. "Who can sell finance? Who doesn't need liquidity? Who has the plus sign in front of that organic growth rate?"


Who indeed?

"One of my big ideas is Symantec," he said.

Sloan explained his fervour for the anti-computer-virus company: "I love the software business right now: A free cash flow yield of 15 percent, plus new products, earnings — blue sky!"


Disclosure information for Ron Sloan was not immediately available.