Sports Illustrated Edits Out Danica's Tattoo


So this morning, we were reading one of our favorite sites, SportsByBrooks, and we come to find out that Sports Illustrated allegedly took the liberty to take the tattoo off the back of Danica Patrick in its Swimsuit Issue.

We placed calls to both Danica's team, through BNC public relations in Los Angeles, and to Sports Illustrated.

Sports Illustrated acknowledged that the tattoo, on the small of her back, was taken out, but a spokesman didn't comment as to why it made that editorial decision. Patrick's tattoo was in the issue last year.

As for Team Danica, it seems like they're fine.

"Danica is aware of the edits and is comfortable with the final photos," BNC's Lewis Kay told us.

As you know, airbrushing tattoos have been controversial in the past. The most controversial? When Hoop Magazine airbrushed Allen Iverson's neck tattoo and his earrings off their cover shot ten years ago.

It's not as offensive since Patrick knew of it and we know that there's plenty of airbrush usage in the Swimsuit Issue. But do you have a problem with it? We'll throw one more thing at you. The tattoo is of an American flag.

Update: The SI-Danica tattoo omission was first noticed by Web site

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