Poll Results: How Interdependent Are China, US Recoveries?

CNBC and LinkedIn asked what you think about economic recovery in China and the US. Just how interdependent are they?

Overall Results:

More than 27,000 LinkedIn members responded to the survey, with 50 percent saying the two countries' recoveries are very dependent. Forty percent of respondents said the recoveries are somewhat dependent, whil 8 percent said they are not dependent. Two percent of those responding were unsure of the countries' dependence on each other.

By major region/country:

China and the US have about the same perception – 91 percent of people in the US think they are linked; 93 percent in China. (Only included countries with >100 responses in analysis.)

Highest percent of any country that thinks the two are very dependent:

France (59 percent)
Germany (58 percent)
Denmark (58 percent)

Highest percent of any country that thinks the two are not dependent:

Pakistan (18 percent)
India (13 percent)
UAE (12 percent)
Japan (12 percent)

Breakdown By Industry:

Industries with the highest percentage of people who think the two countries are very dependent (Only included sectors with >200 responses.):

computer hardware (57 percent)
wireless (57 percent)
biotech (56 percent)
entertainment (55 percent)
oil and energy (55 percent)
consumer goods (54 percent)