Improving Our Pre-markets Page

Hey folks: Wanted to give you a heads up on a change we are making to one of my favorite pages ... and one of yours too ... our pre-market page.

This is the page where we house our futures and fair value calculations, as well as overseas market data, early morning commodity trading, volatility measures and all the other numbers that give you a morning weather report for the market. (For more about its uses, click here).

It's one of our more popular pages. You never want to fool with something that's working ... but we're going to make a tweak anyway.

The Dow futures contract we have been displaying there is the big one. But there is a smaller one, called the Mini, that trades as well. Because it's smaller, it tends to trade more often in the early morning hours (200,000 Dow Mini contracts or more trade every morning, versus around 2,000 for the larger version). Because it trades more often, lots of people argue it is the better measure of pre-market sentiment.

Okay, we're listening. We're going to change over to the Mini. (Yes, the ideal solution would be to show both. For lots of eye-crossing technical explanations I won't bore you with, we can't right now. But, promise, we're working on it).

We think this will make our pre-market page even better for you. Hope you agree.