Market Tips: The Quick Cash Trades

Talk of more bank nationalizations and dampening economic data dragged global stocks to 3-month lows Friday. In the current market volatility, experts tell CNBC where they see short-term investment opportunities.

Good Short-Term Buys

Brazilian, Chinese and agricultural stocks are good buys in the short-term, says Daniel Frishberg, chief investment strategist

Safe to Invest in Oil Stocks?

Gavin Wendt, senior resources analyst at Fat Prophets thinks that all the bad news for oil prices have been factored into oil stocks. He also shares his views on where oil prices are headed.

Attractive Bets in Media, Utilities

Markets are very unstable and people are focusing on defensive plays. Edmund Shing from BNP Paribas Arbitrage likes companies in the media sector (excluding advertising), especially Vivendi, Reed Elsevier and Pearson, and the utility sector for their defensive characteristics.

Upbeat on Asia's Energy & Utility Sectors

The energy and utility sectors are in a very good position versus some other sectors in Asia, says Steve Durose, senior director of corporates at Fitch Ratings.

Own a Slice of China's First-Tier Cities

This year and next year will be a good time to look into investing in property in China's first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai, says Wilfred Wong, executive chairman, China at Pacific Star Group.

Won May Sink to 1,600 in Near Term

There is a chance that the Korean won may sink to 1,600 against the dollar in the short term, says David Mann, FX strategist at Standard Chartered Bank.

HSBC Likely to Come Under Pressure

There is a possibility that HSBC may test its year-to-date low of $54.90 in Friday's trade, says Steve Tse, research manager at BEA Union Investment Management.

Emerging Asia Offers Opportunities

Don't paint then entire emerging-market universe with the brush stroke.While Eastern Europe may look like it's in trouble, things look much better in Asia, Roman Podkolzine, product specialist at BNP Paribas Investment Partners tells CNBC.