What CNBC.com Users Are Saying About Santelli's Tea Party

Thousands of CNBC.com users have shared their opinion on Rick Santelli's call for a Chicago Tea Party against the Obama Administration's mortgage bailout plan. Read what they have to say, and share your opinion below.

I would much rather help pay other peoples' mortgages than pay for Wall Street bonuses. Rick Santelli got a lot of airplay with his question, "Do you want to pay for other peoples mortgage?" but did he ever ask,"Do you want to pay for Wall Street CEOs to have billions of dollars in bonuses?" — LorenPeople need to be allowed to fail. That's how you learn & that's how you grow. Some of us have saved & lived way below our means so that we would be able to survive & even help others (at our discretion, not in a robinhood manner). We have done without & now are being punished. It's angering that the government is taking our money & giving people $1000 rewards for just paying their mortgage! Obama & Biden are very compassionate with other peoples' money (unfortunately, not so much in their personal finances!). It's wrong & it will cause a backlash. People can downsize, file bankruptcy or seek help from a charity. This is not the role of the government (redistribution) & it's not their right to do it with my money! — Becky

I agree with Mr. Santelli. We ARE rewarding bad behavior. Those of us who have mortgages and are trying to keep up with them feel like chumps for doing so, while others don't have to pay theirs. What happened to equality under the Obama administration. I should claim poverty and join ACORN, maybe then I'll catch a break. Are some citizens MORE EQUAL than others? I'm mad as hell and I'm ready for Tea Party, Santelli Style. — Oscar

Chicago tea party! What a brilliant idea. Washington has no interest in listening to the people a socialist agenda. It is time that people reminded Washington that they work for us. — Ted

Thank you, Rick, thank you! Yu tell it like it is, my friend. This country grows more socialist by the day and that isn't the way it was set up. I think that the founding fathers would see our current leadership as a trator to the principals and ideals the United States was founded upon. — Randy

It's about time someone said it!! There already has been 50 years of government handouts and what do we have to show for it besides $11,000,000,000,000 of debt. Those that play by all the rules once again get the wrong end of the stick. The correct day for the tea party should be July 4 to remind everyone why this country was formed. — Hal

'm tired....I am a single mom who works very hard, have always paid my mortgage, always paid my bills. How much longer can we tax payers keep doing this? What is our incentive? After the hurricane in Texas, I was without power for 2 weeks...I tried getting food stamps to just buy the basic necessities, but was turned down...I work. Enough is enough, I feel like giving up. These people in charge should all be in jail...they don't even pay their taxes!!! — Lori

While you make a scary argument, you're not addressing the situation that many find themselves in: Purchased a home based on their income and have paid their bills and now are, through no fault of their own, unemployed or underemployed. I have another three or four months on unemployment and then have no idea how I will pay my house bills. It sounds like your saying that it was a bad idea to live in a house. — Alex

Only the Wall Street Investment Bankers and Moneychangers get their incompetence bailed out for free by us taxpayers, with no accountability by tax cheat and free market republican Geithner. We should let all the big banks fail and see what free market capitalism looks like when idiots like Santelli's friends and his daddy are running the show. — Frank

I worked two jobs to be able to purchase a nice home. I, now regrettably, paid off my home this year. So, for the majority of Americans who work diligently to make a better life for themselves and their families, pay their taxes and act responsibly, where is our HOPE, where is our CHANGE? — Sandee

The issue is simple. People feel that they are not being represented by their government. Its the founding principal of our entire system of government. You think its bad now just wait until gas prices get jacked up again this summer. — Shawn

The plan is a discrace! I pay my mortgage and bills on time. I live on a fixed income. I find it tough each month to make ends meet, but do. I did not go out and buy a home I could not afford. No one is helping ME! The Bleeding heart Democrats might as well give the country away. God Bless Rick Santelli!! — Steve

Why are the very people who never seem to do the right things, being rewarded with my tax dollars? This country has come to the point where there is no incentive to do what's right! ... The government should be rewarding the successful people, not making them out to be the villain and confiscating their tax dollars,to redistribute it to the people living above their means! — David

Here is the message Obama and Congress are sending: Work hard, pay your bills on time, and you will be penalized by having your hard-earned money reward those who wallow in irresponsibility and have a total disdain for those who play by the rules. — Kathy

The Obama housing plan is absolutely ridiculous. As a disabled person, I could not afford to buy a home after housing prices took off. To think that if I had bought above my means the government would have paid my mortgage makes me now feel like a jerk. — Rob

I paid off my mortgage this month. What a mistake, I should have just sat back and demanded that the government [taxpayers] help me. I'm being punished for being successful and doing what was once deemed right. — Don

It's not fair to the TAXPAYERS! We'll never get out of this mess! We need to get back to the ones, that started this mess. They need to ALL go to prison! — Betty