Mad Mail: A Town Hall Meeting With Cramer, Obama and Geithner?

Dear Cramer: I have read two of your fantastic books and I am now doing the homework you suggested on Pepsico. The latest 10-K is for the 2007 calendar year and is over 100 pages long. My question is, given the date this was filed as well as the length of this 10K, are there key points one could read over to skip some of the information in the 10-K? It would be great to see a whole show on this! Thanks for all of the education and your concern for the little guy. --Lee

Cramer says: “What I’d like to do is offer [CEO] Indra Nooyi a chance to come here and go over her annual report. We can give her two or three segments, and we can literally learn how to read an annual from a person who has one of the clearest, most enjoyable and accurate and exciting, believe it or not, annuals. Indra Nooyi, come help our viewers learn how to read an annual report.”


Dear Jim: What do you think about a Town Hall Meeting between you, President Obama and [Treasury Secretary] Tim Geithner? --Anne

Cramer says: “I have mixed emotions because next Wednesday I have one with [FDIC Chairwoman] Sheila Bair, who’s one of my absolute favorites.” (Cramer went on to say that he could do a better job solving this financial crisis than most of Washington. Watch the video for that.)


Hey Jim!: Bottom or precipice? I don't see a lot about this out there, but it seems like we are coming dangerously close to breaching the major trend line created by the 1983-1995 run. Perhaps this defines the bottom, but if not it is a long way down to the next line, or is there some other major support level I should be looking at? Love and rely on the show! --Jim

Cramer says: “That’s why we do the Off the Charts section. I will tell you that I don’t do any of that kind of analysis. I traded when the Dow was at 2,800 during the August of 1987, and then it went down to 1,200 intraday, the day after the crash. If I bothered with those levels, I would have been scared, I wouldn’t have bought, I wouldn’t have been in cash. All I can tell you is, we’re going to do individual stock analysis on this show. If the Dow goes to 6,000, Verizon will probably be yielding 8.5%, and we’re going to snap some up. How’s that?”


Dear Jim: I got into Dow Chemical at $13.50 a share. It's now trading around 20-year lows around $10... is there more downside? Should I take my losses and get out or buy more and average down? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. --Ray

Cramer says: “We have a thing here called the Wall of Shame, Ray. At the top of it is Andrew Liveris, the gregarious Dow Chemical CEO who told us repeatedly the dividend wasn’t in doubt – and then he got rid of the dividend. So my take is, until they get rid of Liveris, we’re not recommending Dow Chemical.”

Cramer's charitable trust owns Pepsico.

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