3 Stocks That Play Off Obama — And Recession

A lot of market pros wouldn't touch equities with a ten-foot pole these days, but Neil Hennessy is not among them. He has some carefully-considered recommendations for investors based on new policy initiatives of the Obama administration — and even based on the economy itself.

He's even bullish on some financial stocks.

"Remember, most banks are selling for option money, so it's really not going to cost you a lot to invest in them," he told CNBC. "You're not going to lose a lot if you're wrong."


Topping his list is Tetra Tech.

"They want to put money into infrastructure, like wind power, (and other) alternative sources," he said of the administration. "Tetra Tech is already in that game in a large way on the wind and renewable energy side."

He also likes Rent A Center.

"That's just an economic play, because if people don't have the money or the credit to buy new furniture or appliances, Rent A Center is the way to go," he said. "They just picked up Earvin 'Magic' Johnson to be a spokesperson for them."

His financial pick is Raymond James Financial.


Disclosure information for Neil Hennessy was not immediately available.