Warren Buffett Letter To Be Posted At 8A ET Saturday


We knew Warren Buffett's annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders was set to be released this coming Saturday, February 28.

Now we know the time: 8am ET, early enough to read with your morning coffee.

Berkshire just issued a news release, (via subsidiary BusinessWire of course), with the timing.

It announces plans to post the 2008 Annual Report, including Buffett's letter and "other information about Berkshire's financial position and results of operations" on Berkshire's web site. (We'll have coverage here at Warren Buffett Watch.)


The release notes that before 2007, Berkshire had released its annual report on the first or second Saturday in March. "However, since that time, due to a change in SEC reporting deadlines, we have not been able to post on a Saturday. Whenever we can post our report on a Saturday we will continue to do so."

The report will be mailed to shareholders around March 13. They'll also get information about the Annual Shareholders Meeting to be held in Omaha on Saturday, May 2.

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