Ask Warren Buffett: Send Us Your Questions Here


This is your chance to ask Warren Buffett a question. Use the form above to tell us what you want to know.

Buffett will be appearing live with CNBC's Becky Quick on all three hours of Squawk Box this coming Monday, March 9, starting at 6a ET.


Becky will go through all the questions we receive and select some to ask Buffett on the program.

We won't be able to ask Buffett every one of them, but we will work hard to cover a wide variety of topics. We will not share the questions we've chosen with Buffett before they're asked on air.

And sorry, but we won't be able to respond to questions that aren't used on the air.

This call for questions is not connected to the new way Berkshire will handle the question period at this year's annual shareholder meeting in May. Those questions should be sent to Use the form above to submit questions for Buffett's appearance on Squawk Box on March 9.

Last year's Ask Warren in March of 2008 was a tremendous success. We received thousands of questions from all over the world.

Buffett made headlines when he told Becky the U.S. was already in recession by a "common sense definition" and the downloadable transcript of all three hours was very popular with Warren Buffett Watch readers.


We're looking forward to doing it all again.

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