Santelli: Everything Starts with a Crawl

I just finished watching all the Sunday morning talk shows. I am smiling. The dialogue seems more balanced.....more in-depth...and more factual.

Does that mean the fluffy shows still are not trying to shoot messengers. NO.

Does that mean there is less twisting of words and blatant inaccuracies of facts throughout the news and political universe. NO.

But everything must start with a crawl. In this instance the crawl is quickly gaining momentum as the public is hungry for real understanding, real solutions and real assessments of progress.

The notion of using the mistakes of the past ...whether fiscal, monetary, or political to bait and switch the actions of the future is no longer as easy for our leaders or the press. In the lowest common denominator there is only one issue that I hope all Americans will force those that lead, AND those that inform of us of our leaders, to concentrate on: DEBT.

The accumulation of historic levels of debt will limit our choices in the future. We all close our eyes every night wanting our country to be better tomorrow than it is today. Better for us, but more importantly better for our children and grandchildren.

The new team in the White House now owns a challenging and complex mix of banking, economic and social issues. As important as new thinking and strategies are, we must remain vigilant that while success is desired there are NO guarantees. We must question "all or nothing" approaches to very complex problems that may result in a wide spectrum of unintended consequences.

Americans must demand that as a people and country we remain viable both financially and strategically should solutions fall short. Spending to stimulate seems logical....what is quite illogical is spending in a totality that if not monitored robs future generations of their choices without their voices. In America questioning our leaders is both our right and our civic responsibility.


CNBC's Rick Santelli called for a "Chicago Tea Party" in February, leading the charge for calls to revolt against the Obama Administration's mortgage bailout plan.

He touched a nerve, not only on the trading floor that day, but with the nation as it struggles to dig out of a mortgage crisis of epic proportions.

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