Market Tips: Buy Government Bonds

Government bonds rose across the board on Monday after HSBC launched Britain's biggest-ever rights issue, of $17.75 billion, to shore up its balance sheet after reporting an 18 percent fall in adjusted pretax profit for 2008 and cut its dividend.

Experts tell CNBC the fixed income sector still holds value.

Bullish on Government Bonds

Hugh Hendry, CIO of Eclectica Asset Management likes anything that entails taking no risk. Things like government bonds, for example, the 30-year German government bunds. He tells CNBC how he is investing in this space.

Bet on Asia's High-Yield Bonds

High-yield bonds in Asia are giving out very good risk/reward ratio at the moment, notes V. Anantha Nageswaran, MD at Bank Julius Baer. He shares his other investment ideas.

Bubble Forming in Sovereign Bonds

Sovereign bonds and long-term Treasurys are probably the worst bubble we're seeing now, believes Martin Hennecke, senior manager at Tyche. He also reveals where he is parking his money instead.

E. European Currency Slump Coming

Eastern European currencies need to fall by between 25% and 30% to provide the basis for a recovery, Roger Nightingale from Pointon York told CNBC Monday. Such a slump is likely to occur, Nightingale added.