Value Stock Picks: Gold Miners & Final Care (Pt. 2)

Stocks opened the new week lower, and continued to slide. That's the bad news. What could the good news be?

A down market is where values are created, and Fifth Third's Mary Jane Matts and Mark Travis of Intrepid Capital Funds say they have pinpointed some good targets for the savvy investor.

(Tobacco & Insurance: See Pt. 1 for Matts' Picks)

Travis recommends Unit , which deals in oil reserves and oil rigs.

"With the government printing money like they're going to be in this new stimulus bill, I want to buy some hard assets," he said.

He also likes gold producer Newmont Mining .

"The've got 92 million ounces in reserve, and you can pull them out of the ground at $400 an ounce, and sell them all day today at $950 an ounce," he said. "We can definitely get a higher asset value than the share price."

Also on his list is Chemed .

"Their best-known brand is Roto-Rooter, but the other part of the business, which is not as well known, is Vitas, which is in the hospice business, and I think that's a necessary and growing business," he said.


Disclosure information for Mary Jane Matts and Mark Travis was not immediately available.