Ask The Experts: Go to Cash Now?!

Q. I am looking for a new financial manager, how to locate one? What to look for? How to determine where to go? I am totally lost please help.

The principle from my retirement has lost over $120k since the start of January 2008. I am considering changing all my mutual funds and Treasury bills into cash just to stop the bleeding of my principle; I wanted to do so in August of 2008 when I had $70k more than I do now, at that time my financial adviser talked me out of changing to cash in August. I wish now I had followed through with my decision. -Trisha B.

A. Should, coulda, woulda. I'm not a market timer and don't believe anyone can do it consistently but that would have been one heck of a call. Realize Trisha that a lot of quality advisors nationwide recommended their clients "stay the course". If however you are unhappy with your advisor and looking to establish a new relationship, click hereto learn how to find a new one.

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