Ask The Experts: Trying to Dig Myself Out of Debt

Q. Thanks in advance for reading my email. I am currently in credit card debt in the total amount of $20,060.47. I have paid off some of the cards and I have paid my vehicle off. How do you work yourself out of the debt? It seems like I am doing something wrong. Where can I go to ensure I am doing everything correctly. I am blessed to still have a job but I have nothing saved. Thanks -Carla P., IN

A. Doing something wrong? Are you kidding me? It sounds like you're doing something right!! You've already paid off some of the cards and your car. That's great. Now take whatever you were paying your auto lender each month and add that to your credit card bills. And, if you have a 6-9 month emergency fund in place you should throw every extra cent at your credit card bills too.

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