Rick Santelli's Greatest Hits

My colleague Rick Santelli has been the center of a lot of attention lately. Just in case you've been living under a rock, watch this video and you'll see why. A lot of speculation about what was intended and what was happenstance has followed.

I just want to use our video archive to make one point: Santelli going off on air is not unusual. His passion often flares up ... as he himself notes in a recent column.

For example, there was the time Rick went at it with Jim Cramer. That was a year ago last January. We had a Wall Street Journal guy, Greg Ip, on and Cramer took issue with him a little bit. Rick subsequently came to his defense and took issue with Cramer. (See it here)

There was also the time last September when Rick got into it with Jack Bouroudjian of CME Group. Rick just stormed off on that one. (You can see that one here)

If you want more examples, go to Don Harrold's web site. He follows Santelli and does a better job than we do in sifting through our old videos... which I'll admit can be a pain. (Hey, I don't know anybody in my business who's happy with their site's internal search).

Anyway, the point is Rick getting impassioned isn't all that rare. What made his most recent episode noteworthy, at least to my mind, was not so much what he was doing and saying but the reaction of the traders to what he was doing and saying. THAT's what made the video viral. He touched a nerve with the audience there and ultimately in the cybersphere.

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