The Secrets of Airline Ticketing

As the recession deepens, airlines fares are going down to appeal to cash-strapped consumers.’s Gabe Saglie helps arm you with the secrets of airline ticketing so you can take your next trip for an especially low price:

1. Code sharing. Airlines are selling seats on their partner’s flights. For example, right now you can around $300 on a flight from Newark to Denver if you book directly through United versus US Airways. That same flight might be offered at two different prices by partner airlines. When you find a flight you like, check the airline’s partners (all the major ones have them) and check the same route to find a different flight, under a different flight number, for a potentially lower price.

2. Open Jaw flights. You can save money by booking one way tickets into or out of different airports. For example, you’ll save about $130 right now if you fly one way San Francisco to Dallas and then return from Dallas into Oakland. Perhaps a slight inconvenience, but if it saves you real money, it’s probably worth it.

3. Y-Up fares. These are slightly more expensive economy fares that put you in the running for upgrades and have fewer, if any, change fees.