Stocks To Take You 'Out The Other Side'

Robert Lloyd of the AIM Summit Fund is not banking on a quick recovery in the economy.

"The data I'm looking at for the overall economy indicate that employment will continue to weaken, and employment, housing, and corporate profits are the keys to trying to detect when to get completely bullish on this economy," he told CNBC.

So what's his investment strategy?

"We're still positioned defensively in the Summit Fund," he said. "What I've done with my analysts is told them to start focusing on companies that will take us out the other side, the companies we want to be invested in for the rebound in the economy."


Asked for a name, Lloyd did not hesitate.

"Johnson & Johnson," he said. "An oldie but a goodie."


Disclosure information for Robert Lloyd was not immediately available.

Johnson & Johnson Competes With:


Procter & Gamble

Boston Scientific