Which Needs More Regulation - Wall Street Or Casinos?

How come casinos are so much more intensely regulated than Wall Street? Doesn't that strike anybody else as being kind of odd?

Is it because we expect people to lose all their money at a casino?

I'm pretty sure the same can be said for stocks at this point, given that the best you can say for them is that they've done nothing for over decade.

Gambling may be important to states and local economies. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? But what happens on Wall Street matters to the entire world. It should be at least as regulated as real gambling. I really don't understand this, I would love it if someone could give me a real answer.

Is it because casinos are more likely to cheat their patrons? We know that's not true anymore courtesy of Mr. Madoff and Sir Allen Stanford.

It's true that when we're dealing with casinos the house always wins.

Lately the house hasn't been doing too well on Wall Street. That said, individuals made a killing acting as the house over the last several years on Wall Street, and if they kept that money in cash they still have it.

Do we regulate casinos more heavily because it's more fun to gamble on cards or dice than on stocks or derivatives? Is it because there's more alcohol involved?

I think, at the end of the day, we regulate casinos more heavily than the Wall Street casino because it's easier and our government loves to follow the path of least resistance. That's not a very good rationale.

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