CNBC Look-Alikes—From Rick Santelli to Erin Burnett

When stocks go down, we financial journalists get a lot of hate mail. People lose money, they get cranky and they want someone to blame. You can imagine that nowadays, with the Dow down more than 50 percent from its 2007 peak, we're seeing a hail storm of hate mail.


But we understand your pain. And so, while we can't offer any quick fixes for your portfolio or 401(k) right now, we're happy to take one for the team and offer a laugh at our own expense.

The Reformed Broker, aka Joshua Brown, did a "CNBC Separated at Birth" post, explaining, with remarkable accuracy and not a shred of mercy, who your favorite CNBC personalities look like.

Joe Kernen and Joey from "Full House?"

Jeff Macke and that guy from "The Shield?"

Put down your 401(k) statement. Slowly back away from the "sell" button and take a look.

This laugh's on us.

Pony Treats:

Obama's Mad Money. Brown goes for a lightning round, rewriting the script of President Obama's endorsement of the stock market yesterday in Cramerese. Boo Ya!

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