Steals & Deals: Apartment Searching and more

Get a bird's-eye view of apartment hunting with PADMAPPER.COM. The website gives you a map of apartments advertised on Craigslist as well as nearby amenities such as restaurants and barbershops.

Even with a DTV conversion box, your TV may need an antenna to receive broadcast signals after the June 12 switch to digital from analog signals. To check if you've got the right set-up, head to ANTENNAWEB.ORG.

Follow President Obama's daily schedule -- from stimulus bills to live speeches -- at TRAILOBAMA.COM. The website tracks the president's daily schedule with links to stories about the White House initiatives that affect your money.

Work when it's convenient for you by signing up MTURK.COM. The website, run by, pays a few cents to a few dollars for small tasks that, when combined, fulfill a larger job.

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