A 'Great Time' for Stock Profits

Add SKBA Capital Management's Andy Bischel to the list of market players who are looking out over the "valley" to a resurgence of stocks.

"It's a great time to be putting money in the stock markets, given how depressed they are," Bischel told CNBC.

He went on to name some stocks he's been adding to his American Hospital Association Social Responsibility Equity Fund.


"Nasdaq, Intercontinental Exchange, and Genuine Parts," he said. "We think all of those plays are beneficial for what's going on, both in the economy and in the Obama administration's plans."

He went into detail about each one.

"The Nasdaq is going to be one of the traders of carbon credits; ICE has just gotten approved to be the clearinghouse for CDS, so that we can have CDS contracts on an exchange basis; and Genuine Parts is going to take advantage of the fact that there aren't many auto sales going on, and people are going to be extending the life of their cars by repairing them," he said.

He's even getting ready to buy bank stocks.

"We like the banks like US Bancorp and Wells Fargo, but nobody wants to touch them before March 30, when we get the stress-testing done," he said.

"With those two banks, we think they're going to pass the stress tests, and then they'll be off to the races on the upside."


Disclosure information was not available for Bischel or his company.