Natural Gas Stocks for Q2 and Beyond

Don Wordell is powering his portfolio with natural gas.

"We're putting money to work in natural gas E&P stocks right now," the RidgeWorth Capital Management portfolio manager told CNBC. "Natural gas prices are too low. They're below the cash cost; the marginal players are going to move out of the market; production is going to peak in the first quarter, and we think supply goes down a lot faster than demand."


So, steering away from the "marginal players," where does Wordell think an investor should go?

"XTO (Energy) is hedged 90 percent through the end of 2009 at $9, $10 natural gas," he said. "They have a great balance sheet, great management team, and they just raised their dividend."


Disclosure information for Don Wordell was not immediately available.

Key NatGas Players:

Chesapeake Energy

Anadarko Petroleum

Williams Companies