Biotech Stock Picks for Health-Care Reform

The final form of health-care reform is hardly clear, but Joel Sendek of Lazard Capital Markets says he's heard enough to point him toward some rewarding stock-market investments.

"We've looked through a lot of what the Obama administration has put forth, and it was consistent with what he presented during the elections," Sendek told CNBC. "We don't think it's going to negatively impact, once it's put into law, a lot of the potential for innovation that's coming out of the biotech sector, which is where we'd be putting money right now."


He recommends Genentech, Gilead Sciences, Amgen, Acorda Therapeutics, and OSI Pharmaceuticals.


Neither Sendek, his family, nor his firm, owns shares of, or has any business relationship with, Genentech, Gilead Sciences, Amgen, Acorda Therapeutics or OSI Pharmaceuticals.