Chronology: The Dow Chemical, Rohm & Haas Deal

Dow Chemical and Rohm & Haas are in "longshot talks" to settle their dispute over Dow's stalled takeover of Rohm, CNBC learned, citing sources familiar with the situation.

July 10, 2008: Dow agrees to acquire Rohm & Haas for $78/share

Dec. 28, 2008: Kuwait Petroleum informs Dow of plans to cancel K-Dow partnership

Jan. 6, 2009: Dow confirms commitment to its corporate strategy despite K-Dow’s decision to abandon the partnership.

Jan. 23, 2009: Dow, Rohm & Haas issue release stating they are discussing the closing of the pending deal

Jan. 26, 2009: Dow confirms Rohm & Haas deal will not close on or before Jan. 27

Jan. 26, 2009: Rohm & Haas initiates litigation against Dow in Delaware Ct.

Feb. 3, 2009: Dow files its answer to Rohm & Haas in Delaware Ct.

Feb. 8, 2009: Rohm & Haas says it believes Dow has resources to complete deal

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