Dodgers Sponsor Already Using Manny In Ad

Manny Ramirez
Manny Ramirez

A little more than a day after the Los Angeles Dodgers officially announced they had signed Manny Ramirez, a Dodgers sponsor is already putting the slugger in a promotion.

JetBlue , the Dodgers official domestic airline sponsor, announced a$99 Manny Fan Fare Offer, in honor of Ramirez' signing and his jersey number 99.

The deal offers fans $99 each way from Long Beach or Burbank to the carrier's New York (JFK) or Boston (Logan) airports through May 21. Fans have to book the deal by this Sunday.

JetBlue spokesperson Alison Croyle said that while the airline didn't have an official sponsorship deal with Ramirez, they did have permission to use his name and image for this promotion.

"I'm happy to be back in southern California and hope Dodgers fans will take advantage of the generous $99 Manny Fares from my friends at Jet Blue," the company had Manny saying in the news release.

Here's to hoping Ramirez was compensated for this and didn't just do it as a favor to the team. It's not like any other airline would ever do a deal with him now that he's connected with JetBlue.

There have been players that have had different airline deals than their own team. Delta is the official airline of the Atlanta Falcons, yet quarterbacks Michael Vick and Matt Ryan had deals with AirTran. Continental Airlines advertised its flights to Japan as the official airline of the New York Yankees when Hideki Matsui came to play for the team. Matsui, however, had his own deal with Japan Airlines, which put the slugger's face on two planes.

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