Revenge Of The Nerds - Not


Via Steven Levitt there's a new study showing that it pays to be popular in high school.

Here's his summation if the results:

"They find that each extra close friend in high school is associated with earnings that are 2 percent higher later in life after controlling for other factors. While not a huge effect, it does suggest that either that A) the same factors that make you popular in high school help you in a job setting, or B) that high-school friends can do you favors later in life that will earn you higher wages."

Come on, you've gotta be kidding me.

I thought the geeks were supposed to inherit the earth.

What happened to Revenge of the Nerds?

Isn't the whole darned point that all the uncool kids will get their revenge on the popular types by being, well, a lot wealthier when they grow up?

We need some more evidence here. I can't let this stand. How can we live in a world where the losers in high school are, well, losers for life? Man, that's depressing. And the people with lots of close friends who were on the football team?

They get to win?

If "the same factors that make you popular in high school help you in a job setting," it's no wonder we're headed for a repeat of the great depression. We gave the jerks in the polo shirts the keys to the economy.

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