Pros Say: Market to Bottom This Quarter

Global stocks rose Tuesday on optimism over the global economy as top U.S. officials on Monday urged other countries to step up spending to combat recession. But experts interviewed on CNBC see this rally as fragile and short-lived.

Market Expected to Bottom This Year

Expect the market to bottom out sometime this quarter, says Thierry Apoteker, CEO, founder & chief economist of TAC Financial.

Five Stages of Market Grief

There are five stages of grief for investors, says Diane Garnick, investment strategist at Invesco. She tells CNBC that investors are currently in the "bargaining" stage.

Stock Markets No Longer a Precursor of Economy

The old rule that stock markets are 6-9 months ahead of the economy is no longer true, according to Roger Groebli, executive director at LGT Capital Management. He tells CNBC what the new rule is.

Caution Still Displayed in European Stocks

There is still a lot of caution when looking at stocks in Europe, Ronan Carr from Morgan Stanley said. He is focusing on the turning point in the fundamentals, which he sees taking place around 2010. He suggests keeping assets in cash, but insists a defensive portfolio is also key.

Indian Market May Retest Oct Lows

The Indian market will probably retest its October lows, says Aadil Ebrahim, director of Bazargate Consultants. He tells CNBC the various factors that led to his bearish view of the market.

OPEC May Not Cut Output

OPEC may not cut production this week, says John Licata, chief investment strategist at Blue Phoenix. He tells CNBC that Saudi Arabia's comments that crude oil's output should be more checked could hinder an OPEC cut.