You Are There: Loving the Madoff Cam

Okay, high-flalutin journalism it's not ... but I love the Madoff cam.

You know, that's where the network posts a stake-out camera on locations where alleged swindler Bernie Madoff is supposed to appear -- like his apartment building entrance or the court house entrance -- and just let it run. We stream it on the site from time to time ... if Ben Bernanke isn't giving a speech somewhere. What the hey ... we're bringing it in anyway.

Lots of times it's nothing. Bernie doesn't appear. But other times can be a little fun. Today we had a dashboard "car chase" version of the Madoff cam ... following the controversial man from the courthouse back to his abode. (He managed to thwart the cam earlier in the day by leaving his apartment well ahead of the predicted schedule. Drats!)

Agreed, cams and live streams of this nature are sooooo Internet. But I love it ... and a few of you love it too. They give you a certain sense of suspense and "behind the news" atmosphere. And with this latest Madoff cam episode you got to see a little competitive jostling ... as some other network car with a similar dashboard cam jockeyed for position with us.

Sure, it is not the most important bit of financial news coverage you are going to get during the day ... but it has its voyeuristic appeal. This Thursday, when Madoff is supposed to appear in court again, we'll likely crank up the Madoff cam again.