Is Your Company in Trouble? Blame This Guy

Here’s one guy who really gets the idea of honing your pitch to fit the current market environment.


While executives from Citigroup , Bank of America , Merrill Lynch and other financials engage in a corner-office shoving match to figure out who's to blame for the current mess, one man has stepped in to admit that it was all his fault.

In an ad on Craigslist, he's offering to be the "Fall Guy for Your Hedge Fund":

“Is your hedge fund in dire financial straits? Are you totally screwed and now realizing that someone has to take the fall? … I’m your man.”

Another brilliant solution to the credit crisis and double-down bear market.

Hire him now. Blame everything on him. Say it was all because of his bad decisions. He’ll lay it all out in a dramatic presentation to the press. He’ll do whatever it takes—willing to go to jail if necessary or go on TV to look Bernard Madoff in the eye and say, “Hey bro, I feel you.”

Then, when all the blame is duly assigned, you can take the reins back and go on your merry way, losing money or whatever it was you did before.

It’s a real value at the low, low price of just one million dollars!

Hey, can we write that off?

Well, if we can't, at least we know who to blame!

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