Reader Mail: The Daily Show, Rick Santelli, & Cramer

My boss is mad at me. I haven't been keeping up with your emails. As my boss rightly points out, this blog is about a conversation with our readers. And when people write in we should try to at least respond in some fashion. So I'll try to summarize the 20,000-plus emails.

They recently center on CNBC's coverage amid the ongoing financial crisis (exacerbated byJon Stewart's snarky comments ... some of which were pretty dang funny, I admit).

Some examples ... (most of which I'm willing to bet aren't from CNBC viewers or people really thinking about their finances and retirement).

Frankly, I think you're all a bunch of corporate weasel douchebags and I'd like to see your entire channel go down the tubes. You do not adequately serve the public's interest. Viva Jon Stewart. — Mickey

Just admit that the Stewart piece was brilliant. ... The truth will cleanse you. — Ken

You suck. — Brian

Of course, Stewart's riffs were the result of Rick Santelli's original blast and the ensuing debate. And CNBC still has its supporters (God bless ya).

Rick, you do NOT need to go toe-to-toe with Jon Stewart; he's just a big jerk with a HUGE ego! — Freda

Indeed, Rick's comments are still generating a lot of supportive messages. Some recent examples ...

Rick is right on with his comments! Why are we using taxpayer dollars to "bail-out" people who were too ignorant to read a mortgage contract before they signed it. — Jefferson

How discouraging it is to do the right thing. Those of who pay our mortgages, work two jobs, plan for our retirement and invest are penalized and asked to be more patriotic. — Lisa

Right on. Rick is a voice of the silent - or formerly silent - majority. — Ron

Still others didn't. Some of the more polite examples ...

Why do talking head reporters (Rick Santelli) think they have any more credibility than any one else? — Stephen

I used to like Rick, but CNBC has lost me as a daily viewer after his unprofessional publicity stunt. After all the "losers" on Wall Street leading our country into this mess, he sure has a lot of nerve calling homeowners losers. — Sharel

I got a little of that ire too when I pointed out that our Million Dollar Homes slideshow still got a lot of traction amid the controversy.

You can ABSOLUTELY blame people for stretching. It is one thing to strive for more, it is another to commit a crime and lie(you call it stretch)on a mortgage application. — Craig

Oh well. I'll try to be a little more up on the mail in the future.