Attention Genentech Employees: Heeeeere's Franz!

Only on a day like today when it's wall-to-wall Madoff coverage would a $47 billion deal, the second $40-billion-plus deal to be done in four days, struggle to get some airtime. So, what would normally get prominent placement at various times throughout the day on CNBC-TV, can be heard in its entirety here at "Pharma's Market."

This morning, Roche Chairman Franz Humer, purportedly the driving force behind the hostile takeover of DNA , gave me an exclusive recorded phone interview. I was able to get a quickie soundbite from it on "Power Lunch" where Humer said he doesn't have any hatchets to bury with Genentech Chairman and CEO Art Levinson and his team.

He said the acrimony between the two sides was "just business."

I thought the folks who work at Genentech—and maybe even those who work for Roche—might want to hear everything Mr. Humer had to say, so here's the entire approximately seven-and-a-half minute conversation.

A Genentech spokesman said its execs aren't doing any news media interviews. Art—since now I know that you read the blog—anytime, anywhere.

Questions? Comments?