The Madoff Verdict Winner Is...

Madoff Toilet Paper
Madoff Toilet Paper
Madoff Toilet Paper

We have a winner in the contest to suggest the most creative sentence for Bernard Madoff!

It's Richard Pertz, of New York. Pertz was the first to suggest Madoff should be forced to work for the SEC, and he added some creative "performance bonuses":

"Sentence him to life working everyday for the SEC, finding people just like him who haven't been found yet...Give him leave to go walk in Central Park for an hour everytime he finds another crook, and leave to go to a very good restaurant for dinner everytime he turns up somebody who whacked the public for upwards of $100,000,000. Other performance bonuses can be created. Never mind his rotting in jail; it might feel good, but does nothing for us but force us to feed him. He's very smart, very experienced, and we should put him to work catching people just like him."

It's interesting that the winning entry did not involve hard time, but productive time.

Pertz will now be the lucky recipient of his prize—Bernie Madoff toilet paper.

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